Anti-Ageing Regimen

Turn back the clock and prevent future ageing.

The most common question we get asked is how to reverse the signs of ageing and how to prevent it. Ageing can come in many forms in the skin – from the obvious fine lines and wrinkles, to sun spots, pigment, loss of elasticity (think sagging jowls or sagging skin) to uneven skintone. This routine is designed to help both reverse and prevent these signs of ageing.

Morning regime

Jae starts her day using Heartfelt, our rose cream cleanser that gently cleanses and infuses skin with much-needed moisture. Eye Do is applied to deliver a powerful trio of peptides to the eye area to target fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. She then applies our supercharged serums: Next Level and Glam Squad. Next Level contains 3 forms of Vitamin C and a brightening peptide to even skin tone, brighten and most importantly protect against free radical damage. Power Broker is then layered over the serums to deliver serious hydration and wrinkle-fighting. Superstar SPF 50+ is always the last step – and SO important to prevent future ageing.


Gentle Rose Cream Cleanser

Next Level™ – PRE-ORDER

Tri-C Brightening Serum with pollution protection

Glam Squad®

HA3 + B3 + B5 Hydrating & Brightening Serum

Power Broker®

Wrinkle Defence Cream with Anti-Redness Complex

Eye Do®

Peptide Wrinkle Defence Eye Gel

Superstar® SPF 50+ – Pre Order

Broad Spectrum Physical Zinc Sunscreen

evening regime

For the evening, Jae uses Lionheart to deeply cleanse the skin and remove makeup. Jae reapplies her Eye Do eye gel and layers Eye Dream over the top. Eye Dream contains a slow-release Retinol that works to target lines and wrinkles around the eyes. She swaps out her Vit C and HA serums for our Retinol serum – Dream Team. This powerful serum contains a patented encapsulated Retinol for gentle delivery to target pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Power Broker is used as the last step for a hit of hydration and redness relief.


Citrus Cleansing Emulsion

Dream Team Advanced®

Retinol 1.25 + B3 + Ferulic Serum

Power Broker®

Wrinkle Defence Cream with Anti-Redness Complex

Eye Do®

Peptide Wrinkle Defence Eye Gel

Eye Dream®

Restorative Retinol .625 Eye Cream