Many people who come to us have a certain problem or concern they would like to address, others just come because they want their skin to feel rejuvenated and look more youthful.

Our list of treatable conditions is not exhaustive but should be seen as a guide to some of the most common concerns our clients present with.

Our team of highly trained staff will discuss any specific concerns with you and how these can best be addressed with our range of state-of-the-art technology and procedures.

Acne scarring

As a result of acne, many individuals are left with visible scars and depressions as a result of injury to the skin from repeated bouts of inflammation or infection.  Acne scarring ranges from superficial depressions and white spots to deep and highly visible ‘ice pick” and skin irregularity. There can be a loss of volume beneath the skin and premature laxity or folds in the skin. Liberty Belle Skin Centre is able to offer a variety of effective treatment options to help combat acne scarring and reduce the visible appearance of the scars and skin depressions. These include dermal fillers, fat injections, fractional and full field laser resurfacing and laser skin tightening.

Blackheads, Enlarged Pores & Congestion

One of the most common skin complaints we see in Melbourne is acne. Acne may be caused by many factors, including hormone levels, genetics, inflammation and ineffective skin care products. Individuals of any age can suffer from acne problems; however, smooth clear skin can be achieved with appropriate assessment and management by experienced clinicians. At Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Melbourne, we offer a variety of options for acne treatment that are customised to your individual skin type and problems. Proven medical treatments are available from our doctors and active home care skin care products are available for enhancing less problematic skin. Physical therapies and laser technology treatments are available for the control and maintenance of acne prone skin. In addition to treatments for active acne, Liberty Belle Skin Centre also provides dermal fillers and comprehensive laser resurfacing for the treatment of persistent acne scarring and depressions that have resulted from past acne.

Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles start to develop on the face as a result of intrinsic genetic ageing, loss of elasticity, poor hydration, sun damage, smoking and habitual facial expressions. While wrinkles can be viewed as signs of character and a life well lived; they are also associated with the loss of youth. Wrinkles can be static (evident at rest) or dynamic (evident on expression), however, it is possible that dynamic wrinkles eventually start to become static. There are numerous treatments available that can help reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your appearance.

Lip Beautification

A very popular treatment is lip enhancement with dermal fillers which shape, add volume, and better define the lips. Lip enhancement with dermal fillers can refine, fill, lift or plump the lips as well as re-define the shape of the lip or lip line. As we age, it often appears as though the top lip is getting thinner and losing volume. Dermal fillers can help to restore this volume and define the lip line. Even a young lip may disappear when smiling, so some gentle filling of the lip tissue can help create a more attractive or sensual lip. Different products can be used in the lips to achieve specific results, and this will be discussed with you during your consultation. At Liberty Belle Skin Centre we like to take a conservative approach to restoring lost volume to ensure you walk away with a natural looking result while addressing your concerns.

Pigmentation and Melasma

The stimulation of melanocytes in the skin leads to the development of pigmentation. Melanocytes are the cells that release melanin, which is the pigment you can see in your skin after being in the sun and a tan is developing. Different skin types are more prone to producing patches of pigmentation, and these can be stimulated by changes in hormones, trauma, and chemical alterations to the skin. Treatment methods for pigmentation patches will vary depending on the individual involved but they can include topical creams and IPL treatments. Often referred to as sun spots, age spots and liver spots, pigmented lesions are often a concern for people who are looking at clearing their complexion. These can be easily treated for those people who are committed to staying out of the sun and wearing sunblock. After professional diagnosis, pigmented lesions can be treated and maintained long term.


Many people suffer from redness in the face commonly termed rosacea. Symptoms can range from a generalised redness and facial flushing, to the development of painful pustules and visible broken vessels. With the cause being a variety of stimulants like temperature, bacteria, chemicals and stress, it is difficult to pinpoint each individual cause. The symptoms however can be significantly reduced with an individualised treatment plan.

Suitable treatments:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation
  • Active Skin Care
  • Genesis

Spider veins and Capillaries

Spider veins are also referred to as telangiectasia or broken capillaries. They are formed by the dilation of the small veins under the surface of the skin. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, spider veins are most commonly found on the face and legs. The exact cause of spider veins is not known, but contributing factors are widely believed to be heredity, local trauma and hormonal levels. Spider veins become more numerous with age, and mostly occur in women. Treating these vessels often gives people the confidence to wear less makeup and get back into shorts and skirts. Many men suffer from broken blood vessels around the nose, all of which can be easily treated.

Unwanted Fat

Stubborn bulges of fat that remain present with consistent exercise and a healthy lifestyle can now be treated using a new technology that ‘freezes’ fat cells. Common problem areas are the abdomen, muffin tops, love handles, inner thighs, outer thighs, double chin and back fat. A treatment with no downtime and results that can be seen.

Unwanted Hair

Tired of constant waxing and shaving? Is hormonal hair starting to become a problem? Whatever your reason may be, it is now a simple procedure to remove and reduce hair growth in areas that concern you. All hair types and skin types require different treatment regimes, so it is important that your clinician be experienced and devise an individualised treatment plan. Hair shafts are selectively removed with minimum side effects when performed by a skilled clinician. Your highly experienced clinician will assess your skin and hair type before selecting the most suitable hair removal device for you. The advanced cooling system used for hair reduction at our Melbourne skin centre minimises discomfort significantly to protect and cool the skin during this non-invasive treatment. The systems used at Liberty Belle Skin Centre can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, arms, underarms, chest, nipples, back, legs, and bikini line, and are effective and convenient options that many people prefer over temporary hair reduction methods such as shaving, tweezing or waxing.