Superstar® SPF 50+

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Broad Spectrum Physical Zinc Sunscreen

100mL 3.38 fl.oz

Sun protection against both UVA & UVB
4 Hours Water Resistant
Micronized Zinc Technology
Suitable for Sensitive Skin & Children
Face & Body Cream

Not tested on animals
Made and tested in Australia


A super luxe and ultra-protecting SPF 50+ cream that provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB exposure. This zinc based sunscreen is formulated for sensitive skin with hydrating Coconut Oil and antioxidant rich Vitamin E for free radical protection. This smart formula can also simultaneously help reduce the visible signs of skin ageing and can assist in the prevention of premature skin ageing.  With a glide-on silk touch finish, Superstar is water and sweat resistant making it ideal for sport and swimming. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin and children.

Suitable for: All ages & all skin.


AM: Apply Superstar liberally and evenly to dry exposed skin 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Must reapply every 4 hours and immediately after swimming, exercise or towelling dry. Don’t forget to apply Superstar to ears, behind ears and to lips.

If you’re using other LBRx products, we recommend using these first and applying Superstar as the last step in your routine before sun exposure.

Hero Ingredient

Active Ingredient: zinc oxide 220 mg/g

32 reviews for Superstar® SPF 50+


Based on 32 reviews

  1. Karen

    You want this! I give it 10 stars out of 5

    You don’t even know you want it till you buy it, but you definitely want this. It’s light, only takes a few minutes to absorb and, here is the big plus, your foundation goes on super smooth and makeup stays looking perfect all day. No tips, tricks, powders blah blah needed. Just. This. Product

    Oh – and it’s a great sun barrier as well. My most loved product

  2. Erin

    Not a fan of this product. It’s really oily and doesn’t settle into your skin, so not great under makeup, Also not a fan of the fragrance – it’s a bit overpowering when wearing on the face. Will keep for use as a body sunscreen.

  3. Lucy

    This is the best sunscreen i have ever used. It feels so nice that i use it everyday. I used to try to wear sunscreen every day but i would have breakouts- i never get breakouts with this one! My skin doesn’t feel shiny, clogged or heavy as a result of using it. I use it on my kids before child care and kinder. The zinc is the hero ingredient!!!

  4. maddison.sullivan-thorpe

    Do yourself a favour and throw out whatever SPF is currently sitting in your bathroom cabinet and repeat after me ‘I will wear Superstar every day!’ If you’re looking for the secret weapon to anti-aging, SPF is it – it protects against photo aging aka the wrinkles, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to UV’s. While we all rush to invest in the lotions and potions that possess grand anti-aging claims, we’re all guilty of forgetting our dear old friend SPF. Superstar is true to it’s name it provides the ultimate protection against sun damage, while also delivering a luxurious formula that sits perfectly under makeup and doesn’t clog the pores. Make it your go-to every day ritual, your skin will thank you later.

  5. Alana

    Lightweight, soft and non-greasy. Lovely scent and has been a great buy for family.

  6. Melissa

    It’s true, this really is the best sunscreen! It applies and soaks in beautifully so it doesn’t give that awful shiny look. The scent is perfect, subtle and not overpowering. Along with my other LB products, it’s safe to say I’m hooked and basically telling anyone that will listen to give them a try too!

  7. Anna Terry

    Okay so this sunscreen is perfection! It absorbs beautifully, and sits well under makeup. It smells divine and I wear it EVERY day year round. It seems to even calm my sensitive skin.

    My husband and 2 toddlers used it through our Qld summer beach days and we never burnt once. It goes a long way. Its luxurious smell is divine!

  8. Lisa

    I was first introduced to this product by one of my friends and i was astonished by how good it was, smooth, light, moisturising and smelt divine. I had to order it… and it was definitely worth the wait! Super moisturising and with SPF 50+ it enables me to not feel worried about getting sun burt, but to enjoy the WA sun. My whole family is in love with this product.. and applying sunscreen is no longer a chore especially for my teenage daughters…they go searching for it! Not only has the product amazed me but as did the customer service that accompanied the experience. We love Superstar!

  9. Catherine Wisemantel

    My whole family uses this sunscreen and it’s the best!! It doesn’t clog pore or feel thick and heavy, yet its a zinc but not sticky. I use it on my kids as it’s gentle on their skin and I know it’s not loaded with harmful chemicals. Lasts a long time too! Love it!

  10. Megan

    A Luxe Sunscreen that won’t clog your pores! I have been using this Sunscreen for 3months now & it’s the best sunscreen I have found (and I have tried alot!) Makeup sits on your skin beautifully with this sunscreen too which is a plus…and it smells gorgeous!

  11. Victoria K

    Honestly this is the only sunscreen I will use. It doesn’t make your skin feel oily / greasy and isn’t too thick. It has the perfect consistency and leaves your skin feeling soft and oh so protected from those rays!! I wear this every single day makeup or not. It has that beautiful summer smell to it too which is an added bonus 🙂 This product is a MUST in your daily routine!!

  12. Virginia Bolge

    Thanks to Liberty Belle for this quality sunscreen! I have used it all summer and it has been perfect for my skin. Didn’t feel greasy on my skin as most other sunscreens do and can use it as a make up base which is perfect for skin protection.

  13. Brigitte

    For years i really struggled to wear SPF on my face without clogging my pores and breaking out. Not anymore!!! I can wear this every single day, with absolutely not issues. Plus it smells and feels just divine! Sun protection has never felt so good

  14. Gen

    This sunscreen is amazing.
    I suffer from really bad pigment, and in summer it doesn’t matter what I do, how much SPF I wear my pigmentation ALWAYS gets worse.
    I was recommended the superstar and was told that its a physical SPF, and that is better to protect pigment from the sun.
    I spent everyday out in the sun over the holidays and my pigment didn’t get any darker, this is the first summer in years I haven’t worried about wearing makeup everyday.
    I use superstar everyday now, I find it is easy to apply, and even easier when you warm it up in your hand a little first. When I do wear makeup it sits on really well and doesn’t make my skin look white either.
    I use it on myself, the kids and even my husband steals it now too.

  15. Angie Hansen

    I am really enjoying the sunscreen so far. Smells beautiful, applies easily once warmed up in the hands first. Doesn’t break me out or make my skin feel oily. Love that it is 50+ protection!
    Can’t wait to try other products in the range.

  16. Yvette Mckinnon

    The best sunscreen on the market, 10/10. It has protected my children & me whilst travelling OS. it is quiet thick so perfect for the beach & in the water. It smells amazing & it wasn’t greasy or oily.

  17. Lauren

    I have complete trust in this product! It has a wonderful feel under makeup and also makes my skin feel hydrated and renewed! It’s not greasy and thick like most sunscreen, and can be mixed together with my moisturiser for a quick and easy application and time saver in the morning!! I have had significantly less breakouts with this product than I usually get with other sunscreen!

  18. Megan Bates

    Fabulous zinc product! If you warm it up first on your hands, you can press it in without looking like Casper the friendly ghost! My 9 year old son is highly allergic to chemical sunscreens, so he can wear this without fear of inflamed, hived skin. This provided our family exceptional protection this ski season, with not one family member bringing home ugly goggle tan lines or additional freckles and pigmentation!

  19. Robert

    This sunscreen is 11/10! I have very fair and sensitive skin. I use it on my face (and hands when driving) and can feel it working when I am in the sun. I typically am very sensitive to fragrance as well, but this sunscreen’s fragrance does not irritate me at all! No oily feeling and very sweat resistant when exercising which is hard to find in a sunscreen! I’ve tried many sunscreens and this one is by far the best I’ve encountered. Will definitely be purchasing as my regular sunscreen.

  20. Sasha

    After recently having a bcc cut out of my nose I was looking for a high quality sunscreen that would give me the best possible protection. This is perfect for everyday and under make up. It smells divine and glides on easily. Love it!

  21. Jenny R

    I love this sunscreen. I wanted to try it on my 9 year old son, who has very fair skin and is also prone to dermatitis. I’m very careful what I put on his skin. He is happy to wear it as it’s non-sticky and has a lovely fragrance. His skin seems hydrated after use – not flaky. I put some in his school bag and sports bag and I also have a tube in my car to use on my hands and face. Love the pump delivery system too.

  22. Kristy

    Firstly, love your customer service!
    Next, love love love this product!
    I’ve been looking for a sunscreen to suit my ingredient conscious checklist and this does just that.
    It is a little thicker than preferred, however, it’s definitely not as thick as some and it certainly doesn’t sit on the skin or leave oily residue or make your skin breakout. It actually settles into the skin quite nicely and works as a perfect makeup base. Will definitely be purchasing again!

  23. Kylie

    Great zinc sunscreen, sits well under my makeup!!! I also love the smell.

  24. Brianna

    LOVE this sunscreen. I have found that other sunscreens make me breakout and either really greasy or dry. Prefect for everyday use under makeup or without makeup without making you skin feel dry and cracked!

    I have also shared this product to my male roommates – they are tradies and hate the feeling of sunscreen (especially high protective ones) but i was able to convert them to this amazing sunscreen… could not recommend enough

  25. Mary-anne

    I purchased superstar before a holiday to FNQ this summer. Every day I religiously applied superstar to myself & my young children. We spent hours in the sun & water every day, I would reapply throughout the day & not once did we get red. It was so gentle on my girls too. I love that it is vegan & I can use this product on my family & a product that works as well as superstar does. Since returning from holidays I have continued to use this in my everyday routine & have even packed it in my daughters schoolbag.

  26. Marlo C

    We have this in both our family bathrooms and every morning when we all use superstar as our ritual routine. Even my 19 your old son uses it daily , I’m thrilled to say it gives me peace of mind knowing we are not only bring sun smart but fighting the aging process daily! Really awesome product for all the family .

  27. Marrianne

    I have always struggled to get my 12 year old to wear sunscreen. But not any more. Superstar has changed everything for us. She loves the no greasy formula and fragrance. All her friends love it too. Our go to sunscreen from now on!

  28. Miranda

    Finally a Sun protector that goes on like a thin mask and you can actually feel it repelling the suns rays – l swear to god! It’s light on the skin and ruthlessly Efficient. This is the answer to the hot Australian Sun and UV rays.

  29. Laura Vat

    Such a beautiful sunscreen – it smells delightful, makes your skin soft and glowy (no shine or oiliness). You will want to wear it everyday (like you should!)

  30. Julie McKellar

    This sunscreen is Devine! It’s thick, but not sticky and sits beautifully under makeup! Not to mention the smell.. I feel like I am covered this summer.. the guidelines for sunscreen in Aus are strict, and this product definitely delivers.

  31. Ann

    All you could want in an SPF! Its 50+, hydrating, not sticky, sits well under makeup. I use it face, body and on the kids. Its wonderful

  32. Jade

    Amazing sunscreen, I can wear this on my face everyday without feeling oily or greasy like others I have tried previously. Also smells nice!

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