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Antioxidant Moisturiser with Anti-Pollution & Blue Light Defence

50mL 1.7 fl.oz

Lightweight Hydration
Anti-pollution Shield
Blue Light Defence
Antioxidant rich
Helps reduce appearance of lines & visible signs of skin ageing

Vegan Friendly
Not Tested on Animals


Our complexions can be damaged on a daily basis by pollution and the blue light emitted from the sun, artificial lighting and electronic screens such as computers and smart phones. Superhero boasts sophisticated Anti-Pollution and Blue Light Defence Technology that helps shield skin from damaging pollution, heavy metals, oxidative stress from free radicals and blue light. Start your day with a dose of superhero’s ultimate antioxidant hydration and protection. This Hyaluronic Acid rich cream has been blended with hard working actives and beneficial skin loving ingredients. Skin is nurtured with a Patented Collagen Peptide, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Resveratrol, Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) and specialised plant extracts. Finish your day with Superhero for extra protection and repair while you sleep.

Suitable for: All skin types. Superhero is the perfect amount of moisture for dry to combination skins.


AM/PM: After cleansing apply liberally to face, neck and décolletage twice daily. If using an LBRx gel or serum product, we recommend applying these first and using superhero as the last step in your routine.


For added hydration and glow, mix in a few drops of Glam Squad HA3 + B3 + B5 Hydrating Serum.

If you have a particularly oily area of your face (i.e. t-zone) then you may want to consider avoiding Superhero in that area and instead use Game Changer for moisturizing in the oily zone.

Hero Ingredients

  • Patented Collagen Peptide – Collagen is found naturally in youthful skin but decreases as we age. Studies have shown a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Anti-Pollution & Blue Light Defence Technology Helps neutralise environmental pollutants and protect against blue light (high energy visible or HEV light) emitted by the sun, led and fluorescent lighting and digital screens – which together can contribute to premature skin ageing, redness and pigmentation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)  Helps replenish moisture levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This molecule holds 1000 times its weight in water to help maintain hydrated skin.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)  Brightens the appearance of dull skin and helps to reduce the signs of ageing. 
  • Vitamin B5 (Pathenol)  Helps to lock in moisture.
  • Resveratrol Naturally found in the skin of the red grape, this potent antioxidant protects against free radicals.
  • Caffeine  A potent antioxidant that also helps to soothe the skin.
  • Bisabolol Derived from the chamomile flower, helps to soothe the skin.
  • Mushroom Extract Helps to refine the skin by balancing tone and promoting hydration.
  • Sandalwood Extract An ancient remedy that moisturises the skin.

For more detailed information on these ingredients, check out our Ingredients Glossary.

61 reviews for Superhero®


Based on 61 reviews

  1. McKenzie Arnold

    This is by far the best moisturizer I’ve ever used! I’ve stared buying two at a time so I never run out

  2. Kamolchanok

    เนื้อเบาดี ใช้ได้เรื่อยๆ ผิวมันก็ใช้ได้ ชอบตรงที่มีanti pollution/blie light

  3. Petah Hatcher

    I can’t rave enough about this product! I had some brown pigmentation and age rings on my neck and they are now totally gone. Really lives up to its name as my skin has never felt better. So firm but soft. This is one product I can’t live without!

  4. Lincoln

    I am a Firefighter and this moisturizer could not be more perfect for my Job/Career I am in. Daily I am exposed to all different kinds of chemicals, blue light, pollution- we do wear protective gear however you can never be too careful… I am on my phone a lot for work and do come in close contact with fires ect this moisturizer has definitely made a difference in the appearance of my skin and I truly feel at ease that I have a moisturizer on my face that is doing what it actually say its doing…. ( I wish they came in bigger bottle though LOL because my partner loves to dabble in it all the time! )

  5. janine.bessant

    I have been using Superhero as my daily moisturiser (am and pm) for the last 6 months and absolutely love it. The texture is lightweight and creamy and feels so decadent on my skin. I have highly sensitive combination skin and have not had a single breakout since switching to this moisturiser and other Liberty Belle products. The blue light barrier is also perfect for my job as I am on a computer all day long (and has been a life saver during isolation).

  6. roscoes12345

    38 year old male using this product. I don’t think people realise this but this product is full of antioxidants. Most similar products have 2 active ingredients. This product has 5 or 6 active ingredients from what I can tell at really high percentages. There appears to be a lot of science into this product. Similar products with this level of ingredients sells for USD$300 dollars upwards. Product absorbs quickly and there is no shine or gloss which is important to me. Once you start using and if you forget to put it on you sorta go put it on straight away. Its really good and I recommend. Would make a good present too.

  7. Emily Bitkow

    Such beautiful products from packaging and presentation to actual use. This moisturiser is wonderfully light weight and great under my makeup as a base before primer. I use it day and night and my skin has not felt this great for a long time. Can’t wait to try other products in the range. xx

  8. Hayley

    The most amazing lightweight, super-hydrating moisturiser! I feel like it protects my skin all day from the elements and keeps my skin super soft. I use Superhero after applying eye do and game changer – perfect combo to last the day 🙂

  9. Lucy

    What an incredible moisturiser! I recently received some Liberty Belle skincare as a gift and I was blown away with this. I’ve struggled to find a lightweight but hydrating moisturiser that keeps my skin nourished, refreshed and balanced. It’s blown all other products I’ve used out of the water! Would highly recommend!!

  10. Stevie

    Superhero is nourishing and hydrating but doesn’t leave my combination skin shiny or congested. I use it morning and night, it’s the perfect all rounder! The only criticism I have is that the bottle isn’t large enough and the design makes difficult to know how much is left inside (so I can suddenly run out). I would love for the volume to be increased to make it better value.

  11. Ellke-Lee

    Without a doubt the best moisturiser my face has ever met! Light, hydrating and smells mild yet delicious. I’ve only ever used natural botanical skincare and while they smell and look pretty they’ve never really done the job. As I (far-to-quickly) approach 30 I decided it was time to invest in a skincare which actually does what it claims to do. I love that Liberty Belle uses ACTIVE ingredients without compromising the integrity of naturally derived ingredients which are safe for your skin and free of nasties. I’m looking forward to treating myself to more of the Liberty Bell range, but this will certainly be on my repeat order – a superhero indeed!

  12. Kristal

    A gorgeous lightweight moisturiser for everyday. I love layering this with Glam Squad for ultimate hydration without feeling like I have too much on my skin.

  13. Catherine Wisemantel

    the perfect moisturiser to compliment the other LB products. I use this on top of the serum, eye cream and face treatment. It is so hydrating and light to wear. It’s perfect underneath makeup too, and leaves my face looking dewy and fresh all day. I love it. I don’t normally get excited by moisturisers but this is totally worth trying!!

  14. Emily Rath

    Recently I purchased “The Entourage” mini skincare set to test out the Liberty Belle skincare range and in it came the SUPERHERO. My morning routine how has to include this product 1. because it smells so refreshing and when you apply it to your skin in the morning you automatically feel hydrated, refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Your skin also feels silky smooth. I find this to be a great product to finish my skincare routine off in the morning as it contain anti-pollution and blue light defence technology.

  15. Mindy

    I love this, it’s so lightweight yet so hydrating at the same time. I have sensitive skin but this moisturiser hasn’t caused any irritation or breakouts. I feel like my skin appears luminous in the morning after I’ve applied this before bed

  16. Jemma

    I can’t live without this moisturiser! I suffer from very dry skin (especially during the winter months) but I’m also prone to breakouts. Superhero is lightweight but keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day. I use this after applying Glam Squad for double dewiness

  17. Rachel Armstrong

    Quite simply my skin has never felt so soft.

  18. Victoria K

    I live in LA and work in front of a computer or a phone for a majority of my day. This product could not have been more perfect for me! Not to mention it has also smoothed the heck out of tiny hormonal bumps that I am prone to getting. It’s a beautiful moisturizer that absorbs right into the skin. I often mix this with Next Level and find it gives my skin the perfect boost!

  19. Danielle

    Have search for a great moisturiser for so long and I’ve finally found it!! Great hydrating moisturiser and is so pleasant to use! Highly recommend!

  20. Tania

    What an amazing product! A moisturiser that hydrates and protects me from the damaging effects of my computer screen! Lightweight, hydrating and smells amazing! Paired with the richer Star Quality at night my skin has never been so supple!

  21. Jessie

    I really struggle when it comes to moisturizers and my dry, sensitive and hormonal skin BUT then there’s Superhero!! My skin seems to love this product and in return I see instant results. The overall texture of my skin improves dramatically and it feels refreshed and hydrated not greasy like many other products I have tried. I’m looking forward to seeing the long term results this product may yield with more prolonged use ☺️

  22. Amy James

    Superhero is lightweight & effective. In my line of work I’m outside a lot so I absolutely love the pollution barrier. My morning routine is Glam Squad, Superhero, Eye Do & superstar (when outside) my skin has honestly never looked better. This was the first product I purchased when trying LBRX & I haven’t looked back.

  23. Gen

    I first looked at superhero because I had no idea what Blue light defence was and i was interested. I work in front of a computer all day and I was shocked that the light off the screen could be contributing to ageing.
    Superhero is amazing not only is it protecting my skin form blue light and pollution. Its hydrating, antiaging and light weight so it doesn’t make me break out (like some creams can)

  24. Amanda

    Best. Moisturiser. Ever. I can put this on over my serums and treatments and under my makeup and it hydrates but doesn’t make my face feel caked or my makeup look oily. I feel like it protects my skin throughout the day from pollution in the air. If I’m running out the door and don’t have time for a full skin regime I feel like the moistures still covers all my bases.

  25. Lydia

    This is amazing for my dry and sensitive, yet acne prone skin.

    It’s so softening and I can feel it working.

    It feels like my skin is being protected and I truly notice a difference. It’s expensive, but after a few samples I had to have it.

    I did decide to stop buying coffees for a month etc which almost paid for this! So you have to figure out what it’s worth spending your money on.

    You won’t regret this purchase! Perhaps it is a bit too expensive for a moisturiser, but all I know is since I decided to invest in more expensive products, I have not regretted it.

    FYI – I also get eczema and this didn’t harm it at all.

  26. Jessica Brueckner

    Okay I don’t know where to start on this product other than it’s amazing! I have tried every single zinc-based moisturiser there is. Superhero is perfect under make up as doesn’t leave a white caste plus what I love about it is it’s so moisturising that sometimes I use it over just a serum as a moisturiser. For myself, I struggle with post-pregnancy pigmentation and have found a lot of sunscreens exacerbate this despite even trying to avoid the sun. I have noticed that in using this product my pigmentation has stayed in its “winter state” – so no flare ups. Honestly, game changer product, love it.

  27. Ben

    I’ve just started using Superhero and it’s amazing! …it’s perfect for re-hydrating my skin after being out in the sun

  28. Toni Maynes

    I love this moisturiser! My whole face feels hydrated and refreshed instantly! And within two weeks of using it I noticed a remarkable change overall in my skin tone and texture! Can’t go without it now!

  29. Yvette Mckinnon

    Lightweight & Perfect for my dry skin, using with my glam squad & eye do & its the perfect morning routine, one of my fav products from the line.

  30. Kaitlyn

    Before using Liberty Belle RX, I had been using the same brand of moisturiser for over 10 years. Well, oh my lord what I was missing out on! Superhero the name says it all really. It’s just the best. I have regular dermasweeps and use retinol to control my congestion so my skin can flake but this has completely stopped that. This moisturiser sits perfectly under makeup. I use to hate wearing moisturiser to bed because of that oily feeling in the morning but never had a problem with superhero. It’s so light yet so effective.

  31. Hannah Roncon

    since having a baby I’ve really struggled to find a moisturiser that not only is great for my oily skin but helps with hydration and I have finally found one I love!! My skin feels so much softer more hydrated and my makeup is going on so nice and smooth. I look forward to trying more of these products:) Han x

  32. Anouska

    This product is my favourite of the range. Not only does it smell amazing it it’s the perfect everyday moisturiser. It’s lightweight, hydrating and smooths the skin.

  33. Katrina

    Was hesitant about trying a new moisturiser given some can be quite heavy and cause breakouts but Superhero is neither. It is lightweight and super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling fresh and dewy. The perfect moisturiser to follow next level and glam squad.

  34. Sara Cuming

    I use this hydration cream Superhero as my final product every AM. I love the fact that it is a pollution shield, antioxidant rich and prevents skin from aging. Such a light cream, soft and gentle.

  35. miranda young

    The new Superhero with Blue Light defence- how stunningly clever. My skin gets a glow with this product and l put it on every single day under makeup and know that l am doing to my best to look after my skin- which is seriously important!

  36. Megan Bates

    Super Hero is a beautifully light moisturiser that hydrates and protects. Having skin that is reactive/sensitive to chemical-laden products and consciously trying to reduce my toxic load, this product ticks all of the boxes. Whilst I have oily skin, I also have dehydrated skin – so this moisturiser provides a perfectly weighted balance of hydration and moisture.

  37. Marlo

    I thought I had all my favourites in the range but the new superhero is now top of the list.
    My skin needs to go that extra step with hydration….. now I have the icing on the cake! Love how light the product is, like a veil it feels so silky smooth the perfect flawless feel without the heaviness of thicker creams.

  38. Stephanie Taylor

    Have been using the LB RX range for 4 months now during my late pregnancy and early newborn phase and (somehow, despite breastfeeding and lack of sleep!) my skin has never looked better and more glowing. I am continually getting comments from friends who’ve noticed a change in my complexion. Looks like I’ve had a facial after each application (seriously). Superhero is my all time favourite product. The plumping and glowing effect on the skin is instant and it works as an amazing primer too. I sometimes use this as a moisturiser alone. Love it! Restock soon please 🙂

  39. Stephanie Taylor

    I’ve been using the LB RX range for 4 months now during my late pregnancy and early newborn phase and (somehow, despite breastfeeding and lack of sleep!) my skin has never looked better and more glowing. I am continually getting comments from friends who’ve noticed a change in my complexion. Looks like I’ve had a facial after each application (seriously). Superhero is my all time favourite product. The plumping and glowing effect on the skin is instant and it works as an amazing primer too. I sometimes use this as a moisturiser alone. Love it! Restock soon please 🙂

  40. Sophie

    My 16 year old daughter uses Superhero. She has a history of quite bad teenager breakouts but after using Epiduo her skin was dry (but cleared up) and dehydrated. She has a history of bad breakouts (not acne) and after being given a regime to follow by Jennifer she no longer get bad pimples – just the occasional hormonal pimple. In the morning she uses Glam Squad, Game Changer and Superhero. At night she uses Glam Squad, Quiet Achiever (every 2nd night) and Superhero. Cleansing is also very important and for that she uses Braveheart. Thank you Jennifer !

  41. Claire

    I love that my skin feels hydrated without having to use a thick greasy moisturiser. It’s perfect

  42. Victoria

    Super lightweight but does the trick!! Leaves my skin feeling very soft and hydrated before I apply my makeup for the day. Love this product!

  43. miranda young

    I have taken to this Superhero cream like thirsty partygoers to a cocktail at 5 o’clock on a Friday. l swear l can feel it shielding my skin from pollutants in the air. More importantly, it hydrates all day and slips on under The Power Broker perfectly. Addicted!

  44. bridget

    This product is ideal for my sensitive dry skin. The scent is an added bonus, just beautiful!

  45. Mary-anne

    Working outside I really needed a cream that would help with all outside influences that upset my skin. It’s light enough that I don’t feel heavy after using it but lush enough to give me the hydration I need. Love my superhero.

  46. Paris

    I’m working every day in intense air conditioning and previously my skin was gravely suffering for it but ever since Superhero graced my life it’s been a (seriously!) amazing uphill ride! I wake up every day looking forward to treating my now smooth, nourished, plump and hydrated skin and giving it the love (and anti-pollution barrier) it needs! Using Superhero gives me skin confidence I didn’t have before, could not live without!

  47. Marrianne

    I have worked in some of the most polluted cities on the planet. So have witnessed the damaging effective pollution has on your skin first hand. I was delighted to find an Anti Pollution Barrier in the Liberty Belle range. And Superhero delivers. It’s unique formula works as hard as I do, to keep my skin looking young and radiant.

  48. Maddie

    Great moisturiser, light weight but still gives plenty of hydration. I also love the smell!

  49. Joanne

    I love this moisturiser, perfect for my outdoor lifestyle especially in this Melbourne weather.
    I love the thought that this moisturiser has an antipollution barrier to protect my skin. This product combined with glam squad has changed my skin!

  50. Julie

    The actives in this product are amazing, this product is the only one I’ve ever used with an anti pollution barrier that makes me feel protected hydrated and brighter! Thanks

  51. Frankie collard

    Having trouble in the past from different types of moisturisers because my skin is dry in some areas and oily in others, I can tend to break out and get oily very quickly!
    This product I would definitely definitely not do without it makes my skin feel deeply hydrated and nourished but without being too heavy. I also like that you can use day and night beautiful product!!!

  52. Louise

    This is the PERFECT moisturizer for day time use as it’s light, hydrating and full of glorious vitamins and hyaluronic acid. It seals the serums (Glam Squad / Next Level) and nourishes your skin. The cleverest thing about SUPERHERO is the anti-pollution barrier. You can actually feel the barrier but your makeup glides on and doesn’t ball. Stop pollution and urban dust from being absorbed by your skin. Stop blemishes and ageing caused from environmental pollution. Don’t leave home without it ! Divine…xx

  53. Abby

    This product is a great match for my naturally oily skin as it is lightweight but also hydrates the face perfectly.

  54. Laura C.

    The description of this explains it perfectly!
    Its super light weight. I use this morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

  55. Hayley

    This leaves my skin nicely hydrated throughout the day and having the peace of mind of the pollution shield is such a unique benefit.

  56. Gina P

    So impressed with this great hydrator. Light on my skin and keeps my whole face totally balanced.

  57. Rebecca

    Having sensitive skin this moisturizer is the ultimate in hydration and luxury. It is light weight and glides on to give me an amazing fresh feeling. I like to call it ‘liquid gold’.

  58. Kelly

    My new favourite moisturiser! Was light weight but left my face refreshed all day. Reduced the lines in my face which is obviously a great thing! If you’re wondering if this product works, it does and you won’t regret it!

  59. Molly

    Great hydrating moisturiser and so lightweight. Absorbed into the skin perfectly making my skin feel so fresh. Loved using this product with the Glam Squad serum to give it the extra hydration boost!

  60. Bridget

    Having dry skin, this moisturiser was perfect for me. It made my skin feeling super hydrated all day long.

  61. Bridget Bell Stylist

    Leaving my skin hydrated and balanced all day long. Backed up with power broker at night is the perfect combo.

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