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Wrinkle Defence Cream with Anti-Redness Complex

50mL 1.7 fl.oz

Replenishes moisture
Boosts radiance
Promotes elasticity
Soothes & helps reduce the appearance of redness
Helps reduce lines & visible signs of skin ageing

Vegan Friendly
Not Tested on Animals


Recharge and soothe your skin with the moisture it needs while also targeting facial redness. This muti-purpose cream readily soaks in and is rich in protective compounds. Patented glycoprotein, squalane, acai sterols & watermelon seed oil synergistically work to replenish skin hydration, minimise moisture loss and visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Enriched with a combination of cutting-edge actives, our anti-redness complex helps to visibly reduce redness, while the generous blend of nourishing oils and calming butters also combat dehydration.

Suitable for: Normal, dry and sensitive skins. Power Broker is a rich cream so best suited to dryer skins, or those needing extra hydration and TLC. Power Broker is also an amazing unisex moisturiser as it soothes the skin post-shaving.


AM/PM: After cleansing apply to face, neck and décolletage as needed. If using a LBRx serum or treatment product, we recommend applying these first and following with Power Broker.


For added glow, antioxidant and pollution protection, add in a few drops of Next Level Tri-C Brightening Serum.

Hero Ingredients

  • Patented Glycoprotein  Sourced from the Antarctic, and shown to help minimise moisture loss in cold conditions and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Watermelon Seed Oil – A light oil that hydrates skin.
  • Squalane – This moisturizing plant derived active works similar to the natural oils found in skin to help maintain hydration and balance.
  • Acai Sterols – Derived from cold pressing the seed of the Acai plant. Sterols helps to improve hydration levels.
  • Anti-Redness Complex  Studies have shown to decrease the appearance of skin redness.   
  • Hyaluronic AcidHA holds 1000 times its weight in water to help maintain healthy and hydrated skin. Utilising high molecular weight HA which helps to replenish moisture levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Muru Muru Butter – Harvested from the seeds of the Astrocaryum Murumuru tree, which is found in the Amazon rainforest, this butter is high in natural Vitamin A, fatty acids and Oleic Acid to moisturise the skin.
  • Shorea Butter – Helps hydrate and soften the skin.
  • Pomegranate Oil – A potent anti-ageing oil with high antioxidant activity to scavenge free radicals.
  • Vitamin E An antioxidant that moisturises the skin.

For more detailed information on these ingredients, check out our Ingredients Glossary.

55 reviews for Power Broker®


Based on 55 reviews

  1. Charlie Filgate

    This is one of my favourite Liberty Belle products and the one I use most frequently. I use this product twice a day and it keeps my skin hydrated all day! It is extremely nourishing and an essential part of my daily skincare routine! An absolute must for those looking for a calming moisturiser without any fear of skin irritation.

  2. Sandra

    This product moisturizes my skin quite nicely and leaves it feeling nice soft also just adding in there its not too greasy or heavy.

  3. Kamolchanok

    คือตอนแรกเห็นเนื้อครีมแล้วกลัวมาก เท็กซ์เจอร์ดูหนักเกินไป ส่วนตัวไม่ใข่คนผิวแห้ง แต่ปรากฏว่ากลับไม่มันเลย! เซ็ทตัวแบบกึ่งแมทไม่แหนะหนะ ใช้ตัวนี้จับคู่กับ Glam squad นะ ตื่นมาหน้าแบบเปล่งประกายสุขภาพดีมาก

  4. Syed Bukhari

    I have used Power Broker religiously on my skin twice a day everyday for the past six months and it is absolutely an excellent product. Leaves my skin feeling firm, matte when beautifully hydrated. Perfectly formulated and does everything it promises!

  5. Amanda J

    Power Broker is without a doubt the best anti-aging skin care product I have used. I have tried many expensive luxury moisturisers, Power Broker is the only product that has diminished the redness on my cheeks and leaves my skin feeling silky and hydrated with no greasy residue. I will never use another anti-aging moisturiser, Power Broker has delivered on everything it promises to do!

  6. Michelle

    IN LOVE with this product. My sister got me onto LBRX and its changed my life and confidence.

    hydrating, plumping its a winner.

  7. Lincoln

    working shift work in all different kinds of elements as a Firefighter I find Power Broker stops my skin from feeling “tight and dry” with the amount of training drills as well as call outs we tend to… This cream stays on my face and I don’t feel it sweats off like your standard Moisturizer would.

  8. Lana Curtin

    This is the only moisturizer I haven’t just left on my shelf unused. Because I have rosacea and have naturally oily skin, I hate using moisturizer. This is light and so effective. It smells incredible.

  9. Ryan

    I’m so glad I started using this moisturiser. Unlike others I’ve used it’s light and easy to spread over my serums. Plus it feels like it literally keeps my skin hydrated all day long. Definitely recommend:)

  10. roscoes12345

    This product is unreal! I am a 38 year old Male and have been using this product for 6 months now. I work in an underground mine which is pretty full on. This hard environment is tough on your skin. Even though the product feels quite thick, when you put it on your face it quickly dries and you cant even tell you’re wearing it. There is nothing worse than getting a product, putting it on your face and having your face shiny / glossy all day. There is no shine and gloss to this product. I want to continue to look fit and healthy for years to come, so skin care is important to me. To add to everything else, I am also vegan so this product also ticks all the boxes. It feels real, it doesn’t feel like you are putting some synthetic / silicon yucky fake product on your face. Oh and the packaging… The packaging is awesome and feels like a well engineered piece of equipment! Absolute 10 out of 10. Get you hands on this!!!!

  11. Margie Blair

    I have Rosacea and dry skin and this product is a saviour. It isn’t a cure but somehow calms down irritation. I also use Game Changer religioulsy day and night with Power Broker over the top. This has been my routine for 18 months. Whenever I stop using Power Broker and Game Changer my Rosacea flares up. FYI – I cleanse with Heartfelt and find it very gentle and calming. I am so happy with my routine. I actually suffered prior to using Liberty Belle Rx. I’m also loving the anti-ageing benefits of Power Broker and Game Changer on my fine lines and skin texture.

  12. Ashleigh Hunter

    Loving power broker! Feels so luxurious and moisturizing but also light at the same time. It makes my skin look more pump, healthy and smooths fine lines. Love it and will definitely purchase again.

  13. Anna Terry

    MY FAVORITE PRODUCT! I have been searching for the perfect moisturiser for YEARS. It absorbs well yet my skin feels hydrated all day. It’s not oily or greasy at all. A little goes a long way and it sits perfectly under my different types of foundation. My skin feels soft and lush. I am in my early 30s and wish I found this 10 years ago!!

  14. Victoria K

    Don’t underestimate the power of power broker!! This light weight cream might feel soft and airy but it is SO hydrating and has drastically reduced the redness on my face like no other! It has an absolutely beautiful consistency and honestly makes my skin feel like it is taking the biggest gulp of water!!! I live in LA and for the last 18 months this product has been exactly what my skin needed with the yucky water here!! Highly highly recommend adding this product to any skin care regime

  15. Ida

    This absolutely changed my skin which used to be sun damaged, dehydrated, a bit crepey and red from inflammation. I’ve always had sensitive and tricky skin, a lot of moisturisers and creams would end up sitting on top of my skin after a few hours and shine/oil would start to build up around my t-zone, I would only be able to wear anything heavy to bed at night. Power Broker absorbs right into the skin, you can feel how nourishing it is straight away and leaves skin matte and smooth all day without any shine whatsoever. My skin is plumper, no more little bumps on my forehead and the redness is gone to the point I wear less makeup.

  16. Mary Armstrong

    Powerbroker is a great moisturiser as well as helping to calm my redness on my nose and face. I love how it makes my skin feel so fresh and hydrated. It’s moisturising without being thick and sticky and my makeup goes on over it very well.

  17. Liz

    This is my new moisturiser, and I’m loving it. I spend a lot of time outside in all kinds of weather, so really glad to have found a product that keeps my skin hydrated. Thank you Libertybelle.

  18. Virgina Bolge

    This moisturiser has been perfect for my dry skin! Even though it feels light it keeps my skin hydrated all day but without clogging my pores which my previous moisturiser did. A fantastic product and I love the soft texture!

  19. Alysha Anderson

    I’ve recently added powerbroker to my liberty belle skin regimen and it pairs wonderfully into my AM routine with the eye do and bright star! My skin feels super luxe, full of moisture and it creates the perfect creamy base for my makeup application! It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which is a bonus for any anti aging power cream!! A must for any ones skin regime I can’t recommend this enough!!

  20. Michelle

    One of my favourite products from Liberty Belle, it gives you a lovely matte finish yet so hydrating at the same time. I feel that it seals in all the goodness of the serums I have applied beforehand.

  21. Jane Smitten

    I have always tried to spend wisely on my beauty products by buying cheaper brands which would often result in my skin not being moisturised at all (5 years of trying to save money has resulted in 5 years of unmoisturised skin!).
    Powerbroker is an amazing moisturiser which deeply penetrates even sensitive skin to provide my skin with the nourishment it needs without being heavy. Even though it is more expensive than store bought moisturisers, it really pays to buy a product which works. I wish I had this product 5 years ago instead of trying to save money on inferior products – we all know the saying the poor man pays twice (and my skin has been paying the last 5 years!). Power Broker is such a great product and i will continue to use into the future and recommend to all my friends family and colleagues.

  22. sarajdemetrios

    Absolutely LOVE this product, leaves my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated every single day!

  23. Cathy

    My skin is so much more hydrated after using this product. it is a beautiful rich consistency that leaves my skin plump and fresh without being greasy. The packaging is great too as yo feel you really get every inch of the product out of the container. Truly a power broker!

  24. Melanie

    I absolutely adore Power Broker! As part of my nightly routine it gives my skin a beautiful hydrating boost overnight (used on top of Bright Star).

  25. Penny Jackson

    This moisturiser is a dream to use! It’s so beautifully nourishing yet doesn’t clog up my pores! It has a lovely matte finish leaving my skin feeling so soft, hydrated and plumped without leaving any greasy residue! What a lovely product!

  26. Denise Wong

    I love using this cleanser during the day as it is so lightweight yet still provides excellent coverage and moisturises the skin so well. It is non-irritating and is just perfect for my sensitive skin. After using Power Broker regularly, my skintone has evened out and no longer patchy and red looking.

  27. Maddie Mullins

    Such a rich and pumping moisturiser. I use to get dry patches during the day. Since using this morning and night I haven’t had them since.

  28. Anastasia

    For someone who is acne prone but can easily overstrip my skin, this has been the perfect resolution. I would usually use water base or thin moisturisers as I was scared to clog my pores but this moisturiser is the perfect balance of matte finish but plumps the skin with no clogging!

  29. Stacey

    My ‘normal/dry’ skin literally drinks this moisturiser up. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and and soft to touch. Brilliant!

  30. Wendy

    I have tried and tested many moisturisers, none that seem to have worked on my skin until I started using power broker. I have finally found my holy grail! It leaves my skin hydrated yet soft I’m not one that loves a matte finish But my skin absolutely loves it!

  31. Lauren

    By far the most amazing moisturiser I’ve ever used! It has a wonderful matte feel and my skin feels like I’ve put a powerful shield of protection and anti ageing! I just love this product so much! I’ve seen amazing results in just two weeks!!

  32. Megan Bates

    Power Broker, paired with Game Changer, are my PM power products! To know these are at work whilst I sleep has been life changing! Redness has always been a huge issue for me, so having products specifically formulated to combat this is a huge advantage! The results have been amazing. Having oily skin, I find that Power Broker is perfect for PM, with Super Hero best for AM. I’m no longer thinking about fillers, as my boosted hydration has smoothed out my fine lines and I feel reassured that I’m turning back time!

  33. Louise

    I wake up every morning with the softest and most hydrated skin. Cannot live without this product!

  34. lindelle_is

    This is a lovely feeling moisturiser that I use morning and night – my skin texture has improved and I will continue to use. Very happy! It’s also lasted a long time, which means that it’s worth the $$

  35. Marc Golding

    Marc Golding-March 26,2019
    Never really using moisturisers before,bar some shaving balms,I find this fantastic,the consistency is extremely rich and silky, my skin feels and looks noticeably hydrated and not at all dry.I apply in the mornings after shaving,and it has also reduced fine lines on my forehead and eyes.

  36. Brianna

    I was sceptical about using Power Broker because of my sensitive skin but i have found power broker super nourishing and hydrating. In addition with other LB rx products i never feel that the product is too heavy.

  37. Mary Armstrong

    Power Broker is the nicest and best moisturizer I’ve ever used. To start with, it smells gorgeous (rose), I only need about 1 1/2 pumps to properly hydrate my face and my skin feels beautiful. The redness on my face also seems to have diminished significantly since I’ve been using Power Broker. I really love it and my makeup goes over the top very easily.

  38. Bridget

    My husband has also been using this product. It’s helped reduce his red pigmentation. He’s one happy man!

  39. Ali

    this moisturiser is ultra hydrating with a matte finish to boot! I use it morning and night – 1 or 2 pumps is works perfect.
    (In order, I pair it with glam squad, eye do and every few days some next level.) my skin has never looked better.

  40. Gary

    This product is amazing. I always get a bit of redness on my face, especially after shaving but Powerbroker does the trick. I’m addicted to it. Thanks.

  41. Marrianne

    My daily antidote to dry thirsty skin. Ultra nourishing but does not leave my skin feeling sticky like most moisturisers. I apply it morning and night, and my skin sucks it up like a sponge. I love the way it make my skin look and feel. After trying my Power Broker, my 2 sisters have started using it too.

  42. miranda

    Bang! one month later after using Powerbroker day and night, my skin is seriously not so thirsty and dare I say tighter in all the right spots. Worth every cent!

  43. Ben

    I really love how this moisturiser replenishes & nourishes my skin, it’s amazing!
    I use it along with ‘Next Level’ & my skin has never felt so good & looked so radiant.

  44. Raine

    I use 1-2 pumps at night for an added hydration boost on top of glam squad. Smells like watermelon, sinks in quickly and not too thick for my combination skin!

  45. Mary Prowse

    This is the perfect product for the Rosacea. It is hydrating and the anti redness complex really calms my skin down, I have been a long time patient of LB and so glad there are specific products to compliment my in clinic treatments

  46. Lorraine

    Beautiful product- my skin always feels so fresh after applying it and i can really feel the difference on my skin since using this product.
    My partner has even started using it!

  47. Ann

    beautiful, hydrating, non greasy and my make up sits so well after applying my moisturiser

  48. Jade

    I really loved how this is super moisturising but it doesn’t feel thick or oily on my skin. It soaks in so well and I wake up feeling soft and hydrated, but not oily!

  49. Emma

    This moisturiser keeps my redness in check, I have suffered from rosacea for years and as soon as I started using this it has calmed down so much! I would recommend this to anybody with red inflamed skin…my husband even uses this after he shaves as he thinks it stops him getting shaving rash!!!

  50. lindaann1977

    the perfect moisturiser for my skin, so hydrating & use this morning (with my GLAM SQUAD) & night (with my dream team) love this

  51. Louise

    This product is a must for anyone with mature or dry skin. I use it every night over my Dream Team serum. It’s the BEST anti-ageing moisturizer on the market. Just look at the hydrating ingredients and it contains a powerful anti-red that’s all natural. Well done Dr Moss ! Divine. xx

  52. Emily

    An incredibly lightweight but deeply hydrating cream. Sits so well under makeup, making skin plump and fresh without any shine. I also love that it can be used day and night, to keep my regime simple. Holy grail!

  53. Rachael Annika Silveston-Johnston

    I love how hydrating this product is. It is really nourishing without feeling like you have lots of product sitting on the skin all day. Helped to tone my redness and lessened fine lines on my forehead!

  54. janette green

    Having normal/dry skin this is perfect for a night moisturiser. You wake up with beautifully hydrated skin, absolute favourite.

  55. Lisa Fletcher

    Love how hydrated my skin feels after using Power Broker. It feels amazing and smells delicious

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