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Tri-C Brightening Serum with pollution protection

30 mL 1.01 FL.OZ


Skin Brightening
Pollution Protection
Potent Antioxidants
Antiageing properties
Helps reduce visible signs of skin ageing

Vegan Friendly
Not Tested on Animals


Give your skin a radiance boost with this powerful water-based serum enriched with three forms of Vitamin C to help promote skin health and combat the visible signs of skin ageing. Formulated with a high dose of antioxidants, this oil-free serum also contains a unique brightening peptide that works in synergy with the skin to help improve radiance. The unique peptide also works to protect skin from damaging pollution by scavenging free radicals caused by environmental stress. This is a must-have for all ages to complement a healthy skin regime, providing the ultimate protection against pollution, environmental stress and premature skin ageing.

Suitable for: All skin types – dry, normal or oily. Next Level is ideal for anyone wanting to brighten their skin or amp up their anti-ageing regime.


AM/PM: After cleansing apply evenly to face daily, or as needed, also suitable for neck and decolletage. Apply alone or in combination with other serums, and follow with LBRX treatment or moisturiser.

We recommend you start using Next Level gradually. Start by applying it every 3 days and work your way up to once daily as tolerated.

Next Level may not be suitable for those with highly sensitive skin as Vitamin C may cause sensitivty.  Do not use on open or broken skin.


Amp up your skin health and mix or pair with Glam Squad Hydrating Serum for the ultimate antioxidant hit.

It is good to start this product gradually. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information.

A small number of people can develop some temporary tingling, redness, flaking or breakouts (known as purging) when using products containing actives. If this occurs, temporarily cease using the product and please refer to our FAQ section for instructions on how to best manage skin responses.

In some, combining products containing Vitamin C (eg. Next Level or Bright Star) with those containing Retinol (eg. Dream Team) or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (eg. Quiet Achiever) in any combination can increase the chance of skin response.  As a tip, we suggest that if starting any combination of these products you could initially apply these at different times of the day or apply them on alternate days – and increase only as tolerated. For example, apply Next Level in the morning and Dream Team at night.

Hero Ingredients

  • Patented brightening peptide –  a unique peptide that works to help improve radiance and protect the skin from damaging pollution by scavenging free radicals.
  • Vitamin C– A unique blend of three Vitamin C’s; Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ascorbyl Glucoside to help brighten skin and protect skin against damaging free radicals.
  • Kakadu Plum Extract – A natural Australian extract high in Vitamin C and antioxidants which helps to improve skin complexion.
  • Green Tea Extract – Rich in natural antioxidants, helps to protect the skin from free radicals.

For more detailed information on these ingredients, check out our Ingredients Glossary.

29 reviews for Next Level™


Based on 29 reviews

  1. Sandra

    Growing up in Kenya and spending most of my time as a little girl and my teens in the Maasai Mara I was ALWAYS out in the sun!!!
    Though my life has been amazing.. Regrettably it has taken its toll on my skin… “Next level” has really taken my skin to the “Next Level” its a product that does exactly it says its going to do. LBRX seems to bring out the best in my skin and has really helped turn back some of the damage that has been done over the years.

  2. Kamolchanok

    ส่วนผสมดีมากสำหรับผิวบอบบางและเป็นสิวที่ไม่ค่อยถูกกับascobic acidเนื้อเบามาจริงๆ ด้วยความสัตย์จริงเราอยากจะชอบตัวนี้มาก เป็นตัวที่เราคาดหวังมากที่สุดตัวนึงในไลน์ แต่เราทาแล้วมันเป็นขุย ไม่ว่าจะเอาไปไว้เสต็ปไหนทาน้อยลงก็แล้ว เสียใจมากเราพยายามใช้แล้วไม่ได้จริงๆ เลยเอาไปให้แฟนใช้ หน้างี้ใสเร็ววันเร็วคืน!

  3. Amanda J

    Next level has completely transformed my skin from dull and lacklustre to radiant and glowing! Since adding Next Level to my skin care regime, my hyper-pigmentation is almost invisible. The texture is light and absorbs in an instant, which makes it perfect to apply under all the other Liberty Belle RX products I cannot live without. I will never use another Brightening Serum again!

  4. Ryan

    I’ve used many vitamin c serums before, but this one is definitely a winner. It makes my skin feel hydrated and gives it a great glow. I definitely notice the difference when I don’t use it! I love that it’s not oily too:)

  5. louisa

    if its brightening you want- this is your product!!! could not rate this product more HIGHLY.

    Also a side note- I love when I call Liberty Belle for advice they go above and beyond to take the time to listen to my concerns and even better … They have the virtual consult now!

  6. Hayley

    Amazing product! So light to put on and feels so nice and Dewey on your skin. I have definitely found my skin is so much clearer and has a glow since using this serum!

  7. hawazin82

    Great product. Brighten my skin and cleared previous acne pigmentations.

  8. Gen

    This is my favourite serum!!!
    My skin glows after i put it on. My skin is brighter and my brown spots are lighter.
    It absorbs really quickly, so i don’t have to wait before putting on my moisturiser and sunscreen

  9. Yvette Mckinnon

    I use next level with my glam squad every morning & its the best combo. I feel so much brighter, I get so many comments on my skin for my age & it is all thanks to LBRX.

  10. Katrina

    I have been using Liberty Belle Rx for 5 months now and recently added Next Level serum to this regime and it has seriously taken my skin to the Next Level!! I am getting married in 4 months and I wanted my skin to be brighter, more firm and radiant, which I have achieved. These products really work and I’ll continue to use them. Thanks LBRx Team xx

  11. Lauren

    Love the glow my skin gets after using this product! I can feel the ingredients in this product working almost instantly! It absorbs straight away and feels like it gets deep down in to your skin with an almost immediate renewed feeling.

  12. Ben

    I love next level! Amazing product for guys too, definitely would recommend

  13. Vic

    My skin literally glows when I wake up after using this the night before. So obsessed with the way it makes my face feel.

  14. Jenny

    I had a Dermasweep again yesterday at Liberty Belle. My skin feels so clean and fresh after this treatment, and I have been using several of the new Skincare range since my last visit. The Next Level Serum is one of my favourite products. I haven’t had any anti-wrinkle injections since I started my regime about six months ago as my skin appears plumper and it really has a glows! I’ve had so many compliments. I highly recommend these products.

  15. Penny

    This is the 1st Vitamin C serum that I have tried that doesn’t sting. My skin felt instantly brighter even after the first application. If you have ever wanted to try a C serum skip the rest and go for this one.

  16. Mary Armstrong

    Next Level is sooo fabulous. This Vitamin C rich serum goes on so easily and my skin absolutely loves it – it looks and feels great. Next Level is very easy to apply and I use it every morning under Glam Squad and Power Broker – they’re a terrific trio that work beautifully together.

  17. Bridget

    Next Level has made a serious impact to my skin which was dull and dehydrated. Acting on reducing pigmentation while making my skin glow daily.

  18. Paris

    My ride or die. Next Level seriously deserves a standing ovation – bringing brighter, clearer days to my skin and proving yet again the LB Rx range is pure unparalleled excellence. Would sell my soul for a lifetime supply! Next level is a MUST HAVE!

  19. Marrianne

    If you are looking for an anti-aging serum, this is the best I have found. Non oily, but has already started to give me skin a younger looking appearance. I love the light, fresh, natural fragrance too.

  20. miranda

    Next Level is exactly what the name says- next level of skin care. Dropper it on and rub it in- i swear l heard my skin sigh with relief and smarten the hell up.

  21. Ben

    I’ve noticed a massive difference in how my skin feels & looks since I started using Next Level.
    I found that using it in combination with ‘Power Broker’ gives my skin perfect results.

  22. Raine

    I use just 3 drops under bright star in the morning for a supercharge against pigment and to brighten. Absorbs very quickly! I’m only half way through my serum after 3 months! Lasts a long time

  23. Ann

    It penetrates in to the skin so quickly unlike other oily vitamin C serums. My skin looked brighter within a week

  24. Jade

    This product is my morning vitamin C, I have felt a difference in the texture of my skin! Some of my scarring from past break-outs has been minimized also!

  25. Emma

    This serum is the bomb! It has brightened my skin so much that people keep asking me what I do for my skin and I tell them this is the best serum I have tried. Absorbs beautifully and sits under my other serums like a dream.

  26. Frances S

    My go to Vitamin C serum- oil free and causes no sensitivity to my skin. I Love to mix a few drops of this with my moisturizer.

  27. Heather

    Was lucky to be able to try this as part of a patient trial and found it really helped in brightening giving me a fresher look , my skin can be a little sensitive to vit C products but had no issues with this at all.

  28. Tahnee

    This has boosted my radiance and has helped my skin tone become more even. It’s the highest vit c I have also used on my skin and didn’t break me out.

  29. Lisa Fletcher

    Loved how quickly this vitamin C serum absorbed into my skin

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