Dream Team Advanced®

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Retinol 1.25 + B3 + Ferulic Serum

30ml 1.01 FL.OZ


Refines skin tone, texture and pores
Boosts radiance
Targets congestion & blemishes
Promotes elasticity
Powerfully targets lines, wrinkles & visible skin ageing

Not Tested on Animals

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The most restorative hours to promote skin turnover are while you are sleeping. This advanced Retinol formula is water-based and contains a Patented Encapsulated Retinol Complex for gentle delivery to powerfully target the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing. Using a concentrated blend of potent Retinol 1.25, Vitamin B3, Ferulic Acid, Patented Willowherb and an Anti-Redness Complex. This innovative formula works to refine skin tone, pores and texture. It also works to tackle the appearance of blemishes and brightens the appearance of dull skin while delivering superior anti-ageing benefits.

Potent Retinol 1.25 Complex is for experienced Retinol users with skin that is accustomed to Retinol.

Suitable for: Blemish and congestion prone skin. Recommended for those with advanced anti-ageing goals



Liberty Belle

More Information

  • This unique product is presented in a light weight serum format, with encapsulated Retinol to gradually deliver Retinol
  • Works to help promote skin turnover, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve overall skin tone.
  • Contains soothing Willowherb and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) for a maximum brightening effect, evening skin tone and unclogging pores.
  • Dream Team 0.625 Retinol Serum is recommended for Retinol first time users,
  • Have a question that’s not covered here? Head to our FAQs for more information


PM ONLY Apply one pump to face every 1-3 nights and gradually work up to regular nightly use or as needed. Apply alone or in combination with other serums, and follow with lbrx treatment or moisturiser.

Always protect against excessive sun exposure and wear an appropriate SPF sunscreen daily. Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or planning pregnancy.


Combine Dream Team (at night) with Glam Squad and Next Level (in the morning) for a complete anti-ageing regime.

It is good to start this product gradually or start with Dream Team 0.625 for a first time user. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information.

NOTE: Being an active, the early skin response to Retinol (as in Dream Team) can cause mild tingling, redness, flaking, or breakouts (sometimes called purging). If this occurs, temporarily cease using the product and please refer to our FAQ section for instructions on how to best manage skin responses.

Easing into the regime by increasing the dose gradually will reduce the chance of sensitivity symptoms. Start by applying every 3 days for 2 weeks, then move to every 2 days for 2 weeks as tolerated, and move to daily application as tolerated.

A small number of people with sensitive skin cannot use Retinol (Dream Team). If this is the case, Quiet Achiever can be considered as an alternative, say twice a week, for exfoliation benefits.

In some people, combining products containing Retinol (eg. Dream Team) with those containing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (eg. Quiet Achiever) or Vitamin C (eg. Next Level, Bright Star) can increase the chance of skin response.  If using combinations of these we recommend that you initially apply these at different times of the day (either AM or PM) or apply on alternate days, and only increase as tolerated. For example, apply Quiet Achiever in the morning and Dream Team at night.

Hero Ingredients

  • Patented Potent Retinol 1.25 Complex – This low irritant Retinol is encapsulated for gradual release and effective penetration. The high strength complex works to powerfully promote skin turnover and help reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.
    • Patented Willowherb – A unique natural extract from the Northern Canadian Prairies traditionally used in ancient medicine. To help improve the appearance of acne prone skin and reduce appearance of redness.
    • Anti-Redness Complex – A blend  of actives that work to help decrease the appearance of skin redness.
    • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – Assists by brightening the appearance of dull skin and helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing. 
    • Vitamin E – An antioxidant that moisturises the skin.
    • Liquorice Extract – A natural plant derived extract that soothes the skin.
    • Ferulic Acid A plant based antioxidant that fights free radical damage.
    • Chamomile A natural plant that helps to soothe skin.

26 reviews for Dream Team Advanced®


Based on 26 reviews

  1. Brigitte

    What an absolute DREAM product! I have always been hesitant with retinols due to my skin being breakout prone… but this product has been SO amazing, and gentle on my skin! i use it every 3rd night, and its doing absolute wonders!

  2. Malory

    This product is fantastic and has done wonders to my skin. I have had so many complementS on how nice my skin looks since using it.

  3. Yvette Mckinnon

    I have been using active skincare for the past 15 years, I was excited to try out LBRX. within about 4 weeks, I started to see real results. Dream team is one of my fav products, I have noticed such a change in my skin, I have definitely noticed a change in my skin tone & texture.

  4. Reem Hacigolou

    This is it, the epitome of skincare right here. I put it on just before bed and wake up to skin so soft and smooth, it’s as if I had a facial in my sleep; with my skin feeling plump and radiant, I don’t need to wear makeup! It’s a must have!

  5. Cathy

    Hands down this is the best retinol l’ve ever used and l’ve tried many! it is so gentle but so effective, l will never use another retinol. After a hard day when my skin feels like it has a bit of build up from the elements, l apply the smallest amount of this and in the morning its baby smooth again. Thanks Liberty Belle

  6. Kelly

    This is magic in a bottle my skin is noticeably different since using this product so hydrated and even when i went through months of sleep deprivation thanks to my baby everyone said how good i look and said i didnt look tired at all and i thank this product for that glow

  7. Kaitlyn Limon

    I have been using this product since it first came out and WOW. The best of both words, controls my congestion as well as the anti ageing benefits. So many compliments on my complexion since using this the RX range. Would never go with out!

  8. Hanna

    I have recently started using Liberty Belle products, I love my product range, but in particular I love Dream Team. I have used many retinol products and this is by far the most effective. I have noticed significant changes in my skin; smaller pores and smoother texture. My moisturiser and other serums are more effective when I use this product as well. It makes me feel good to know that I am using genuine age defence products.

  9. Jacquie Huttley (verified owner)

    I have been using this amazing product for 2 months. The improvement in my skin tone and overall reduction in fine lines is unbelievable. But what I’m most impressed with is how it has minimized my pores, especially around my nose & cheeks! Dream Team actually does what it states, and more! Try it and become a believer 🤩

  10. raelenehewitt1 (verified owner)

    I have been using Dream Team for five months now and absolutely love it. I have noticed a marked difference in my fine lines and skin tone. I love so many Liberty Belle products but this is one of my favourites xx

  11. Jackie (verified owner)

    This product has done more for my complexion than any other one product I have used. My skin is softer with even tones. Since starting using the Liberty Belle RX skincare range I frequently receive comments that I have beautiful skin, which is such a lovely compliment to receive for a woman in her 50’s.

  12. Jackie (verified owner)

    I have been using Power Broker for several months now and the results are amazing. I began to see GREAT results within the first month of use, my skin is smoother, the pores are smaller, and my skin appears firmer. I use a small amount at night with Eye Dream and Dream Team Serum.

  13. Sarah

    As a seasoned retinol user, I love that it’s active and still gentle. I also love that it combines my other active ingredients, with B3 and ferulic acid its the perfect anti ageing serum.

  14. Brianna

    I LOVE this product! As somebody who suffers from bad skin and occasionally eczema outbreak, I highly recommend. Waking up after using dream team my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh and gives me the confidence to go makeup free… also does not leave my face feeling dry as previous retinol products have.

  15. Bridget

    What a difference this product has made after using it for nearly 5 months. Applying a tiny amount to my face and neck has reduced fine lines. I was noticing my neck was ageing fast and looking dehydrated, ‘Dream Team’ has really helped to improve this. No problem having sensitive skin.

  16. Meeghan

    I have used a lot of retinol in a lot of different forms (gel, thick cream, thin cream) and strengths but this one takes the cake. I have been using this product for a month and have already seen my skin become more radiant and even in tone. The best part is that even other people have been noticing!

  17. Mary-anne

    By far the best retinol I have ever used ( have been using active ingredients for the past 15 years) no irritation at all & I saw an immediate improvement.

  18. Maddie

    The best retinol I have used! My skin has never looked better after using this product. It has helped clear all my underlying congestion and I have a beautiful glow and feel so hydrated in the morning! Great product

  19. Catherine M

    I’ve used numerous retinols but Dream Team has by far been the best. It absorbs into the skin seamlessly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry like other retinols. After two weeks, I have seen a decrease in the fine lines on my forehead. I apply this every evening and always wake up with glowing skin as a result.

  20. Ann

    I have used retinol for years and I love how dream team feels. It penetrates in to the skin really quickly and is beautiful to use. I love that it also contains other active ingredients to calm the skin and for anti ageing. Its great value

  21. Jenny Richards

    How good is the name?!
    I use Dream Team as part of my evening routine. This serum is the best Retinol product I’ve used. I’ve noticed that my skin is noticeably brighter after one weeks’ use – my skin was very dull from lack of sleep and stress. Use this before bed and you’ll wake up looking fresh. The price point is fantastic too.

  22. Grace Gordon

    Best retinol product I’ve used, leaves my skin super hydrated too which I’ve never had with previous retinol products. Love it!!

  23. Rachael Annika Silveston-Johnston

    This product improved my skin texture and redness. It is soaks into the skin so nicely and layers so well with other moisteriers and eye creams. I love it and can’t get enough!

  24. Hayley

    I find that this glides on effortlessly and I wake up with such soft hydrated skin!

  25. Gina P

    You can actually feel the benefits of this working from the moment you apply it. Perfect part of my nightly routine. It’s soft, light and makes my face feel great in the morning.

  26. Lisa Pedro

    I had the pleasure of using this product as part of the Liberty Belle patient trial. This product is truly amazing. I immediately noticed a difference to my pores and my overall skin tone. Amazing product.

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