Hair Removal

At Liberty Belle Skin Centre in Melbourne we offer the most advanced, scientifically proven hair removal technology. Our lasers and light sources are rapidly changing hair removal treatments by providing a gentle, non-invasive and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair.

Our IPL treatments are an effective solution for both men and women. The laser uses targeted flashes of light to block the regrowth potential of the hair follicle.

Our permanent Laser Hair Removal treatments are able to target numerous hair follicles simultaneously, allowing for the treatment of large areas quickly and effectively without damaging the surrounding tissue.

As there are two hair removal treatments available, our highly trained staff will recommend the treatment best suited to your individual needs and skin type.

All laser treatments are performed at our comfortably appointed, luxurious and state-of-the-art facility. Liberty Belle has ample car parking available on-site.


Hair Removal – The Liberty Belle Advantage
  • Liberty Belle uses an advanced cooling system for Laser Hair Removal that dramatically improves comfort and protects your skin.
  • Dr Moss personally ensures that all treatment professionals at Liberty Belle are highly trained in Laser Hair Removal and IPL safety
  • Our state of the art Laser Hair Removal and IPL technology is highly effective for a variety of skin and hair types.

Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal

We utilise the latest laser technology Light Sheer Desire to provide long-lasting hair removal solutions for our patients.

Our medical grade laser hair removal treatments effectively destroy the roots of the hair follicles ensuring permanent hair removal.

Your Treatment with Us

We can tailor a treatment plan specific to your skin type. Your skin will be professionally assessed and a treatment plan devised within your desired budget.

What our Laser Hair Removal Technology Treats
  • Unwanted facial hair
  • Excessive hair on the chest, back, arms, or legs
  • Hair growth in the underarms or bikini area
Laser Hair Removal FAQ
Here are some common questions our patients ask during their consultation.

How do lasers work?

The laser beam consists of a single wavelength of light which selectively targets and removes hair shafts. Light from the machine targets the pigment in the hair follicle. The light laser is absorbed into the hair follicle then converted to heat, which permanently destroys it at its root so it cannot ever grow back. At the same time, the system provides advanced cooling to the skin’s surface to protect it and improve comfort.

Are there any side effects?

Even laser hair removal does have some risks, including excess pigmentation or inadequate effect. In poorly trained hands or with inferior equipment, complications such as burns and scars can occur. Therefore, it is vital that you have your procedure in a medically supervised clinic by a skilled and trained operator and using up-to-date laser equipment. Laser hair removal should not be performed over fake tan, solarium or sun-tanned skin as this causes a risk of complications. When performed with skill, there should be minimal discomfort following a laser treatment however some patients may notice minor temporary swelling or redness immediately after their procedure.

How many treatments do I need?

All hair removal lasers can only target and remove hairs in a particular phase of their growth cycle. Therefore, at any one treatment session, certain hairs will be dormant and not able to be treated. Because of this, multiple treatments are usually necessary to ensure all hair follicles are eventually caught at the right time in their cycle and removed by treatment. Most people benefit best from 6 to 8 treatments, depending on hair thickness, the size of the area and the hair’s growth cycle.

What does it feel like?

Because laser hair removal uses heat to destroy the hair follicle, during the actual treatment some people may experience a sensation that is often described as the snap of a rubber band against their skin as the hair is removed. Our special cooling system minimises any discomfort.

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