Société products are designed to target ageing, pigmented, damaged, congested and problem-prone skin types without causing inflammation or irritation. They are largely plant-based and contain a number of nourishing botanicals, making them gentle and suitable for sensitive or oily skin. Antioxidants, proteins, acids and vitamins also assist in the targeted improvement of specific skin conditions.

Société’s products were developed and tested within a clinical setting. Many work by stimulating elastin and collagen production. This helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin. For example, Société’s champion product is the Intense Firming Complex, an anti-wrinkle serum that contains a potent growth factor and peptide complexes – a fine potential complement for any skin care regime that targets ageing skin.

Each item is packaged, labelled and classified in a simple, easy-to-understand way to assist at-home use. To see if Société is right for you, book a consult with one of our dermal clinicians. To view our range of Société products, click here.

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