SocieteAll formulations in the Societe range have been evaluated by the team at Liberty Belle Skin Centre to ensure effectiveness. The Societe range is perfect for addressing ageing, pigmented, damaged and problem prone skin conditions and contains quality ingredients in therapeutic doses. Complete with antioxidants, plant sources, proteins and vitamins, these innovative formulations contain high performance, patent-pending ingredients. Societe skin care takes advantage of the latest developments in scientific ingredients especially formulated to stimulate new collagen and elastin for anti ageing. Societe products are free from parabens, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate. Societes hero product is the intense firming complex. This anti-wrinkle serum contains a potent growth factor and peptide complexes that will complement any skin care routine.

Antioxidants protect the cells and counteract free radicals and this is why a very complex amount of antioxidants are essential in providing the best skin defense. A variety of them are found in every one of Societe’s products and are clearly identified for ease-of-use and understanding.

Societe products also contain acids are vital ingredients that aid in skin cell exfoliation for a fresh, radiant, healthy looking skin.

Research shows that about 75% percent of your skin is protein, which is essential for creating a healthy base. It is these Proteins that act as the building blocks for protein in your skin. Also vital to skin health are vitamins which are required for all cell functions including cell function within the skin.

And finally Societe’s range include plant sources that are directly linked to natural botanical extracts, oils or derivatives and are found in all products.

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