SkinMedica is a popular brand that caters to a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions. Whether you need a treatment for sun-damage, scarring or congestion, you are sure to find a possible solution within the SkinMedica range.

SkinMedica products work by mimicking the skin’s natural ability to heal, regenerate and restore itself. Youthful skin is particularly abundant in growth factors – that is, proteins that regulate cellular growth and skin turnover. As the skin ages, the level of growth factors in the body decreases, which results in typical signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. SkinMedica replicates the effects of growth factors in youthful skin to provide rejuvenation.

Each product is specially formulated to treat a different skin concern. To ensure you are using the product that is right for you, it is important to consult with a skin care professional. Our team at Liberty Belle will happily asses you and recommend the product that will most effectively treat your skin.

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