Results RX

Results RX is a range formulated by the founders of CosMedix designed to minimise skin irritation. It is only available at clinics where doctors are on staff.

Formulated with antioxidants and vitamins including vitamin-A and vitamin-C, Results Rx products have no artificial colours, fragrances or artificial preservatives.

Skin cell turnover slows with age often resulting in the outer surface becoming dehydrated, crepey or thickened in appearance. Through the use of Results Rx, the process of new skin generating from the deep layers and moving to the outside, is sped up, as it was in youth, thus shedding the outer dehydrated layer more rapidly.

Results Rx products are able to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the dermis generating layers to stimulate and increase skin cellular regeneration. The desired result is healthy, fresh new skin that appears plumped, hydrated, and refined with fine lines visibly reduced.

Results Rx is skincare that needs to be specifically selected for your skin condition. The highly trained clinical specialists at Liberty Belle Skin Centre will design a programme for you.

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