CosMedix Skin Care

CosMedix understands that our skin undergoes great changes as we progress through different stages of life. As a result, this brand caters to a wide range of skin types and ageing concerns. The products contain no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances, and combine the latest technologies with pure botanicals to help effect change. Skin health and wellbeing are the keys to true beauty, and CosMedix strives to help you achieve these things with its extensive range.

CosMedix Elite

The CosMedix Elite brand, formerly known as the Results Rx range, makes use of higher-level active ingredients for a more potent treatment than the CosMedix range. Particularly effective for ageing skin, it is formulated to be the highest strength treatment available without the need for a prescription. CosMedix Elite is only sold through select physician and spa distributors.

To see if there is a place for CosMedix in your skin care regime, we encourage you to come in to Liberty Belle for a skin assessment with one of our dermal clinicians. To view the CosMedix products we have available, click here.

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