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Liberty Belle stocks a comprehensive range of cosmeceutical skin care for at-home use. The products we offer are a notch above typical over the counter skin care and are formulated to deliver real results. Most are condition-specific, and will be more suited to certain skin types than others. We therefore advise that you book a skin consult with one of our dermal clinicians before using them. This will ensure you are using the products most appropriate for your needs.

Liberty Belle stocks the following brands:

Liberty Belle chooses these brands on the basis that they have been subjected to rigorous in-clinic testing, only use the highest-quality natural ingredients, and, most importantly, deliver results for our clients. Many of these brands are also protected by the distributors, and are only available through select clinics and spas.

Home care products are not meant to be a ‘quick-fix’, but should instead be used as part of a long-term skin care regime. You may see results after as few as two weeks, but it can often take extended use to reverse the effects of environmental damage. Our dermal clinicians advise combining home care products with in-clinic treatments, as this will allow you to achieve and maintain the best results.

We also recommend that you get your skin assessed at least once every twelve months. Even if you have been using a product for a long time, your skin’s needs may change and the product may lose its efficacy. An assessment with one of our clinicians simply helps to ensure you are getting the most out of your products.

As always, remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using SPF daily are the keys to skin health. When in-clinic treatments and home care products are applied on top of that, you are sure to look and feel beautiful both inside and out.

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