Active Skin Care Products

Liberty Belle Skin Centre provides a comprehensive range of home care skin products designed for delivering real results. These products contain active ingredients that assist you in reducing the signs of ageing and maintaining a healthy skin tone and texture. After your skin assessment we can design a skin care programme that is individualized to your personal skin concerns, skin type, and any other requirements you may have. Our skin care programs select only from highly regarded and proven professional ranges including SkinMedica®, Aspect Dr, Obagi®, Societe, and CosMedix. We are always reviewing and updating our product ranges to ensure our patients and clients are getting the best options on the market for their maximum benefit.

Surface ageing in your skin can give your face a significantly tired, dull or even stressed appearance even though you might be well rested and healthy. Having a fresh and radiant skin improves and rejuvenates the whole appearance of one’s face. Visible and premature signs of ageing are very common in Australian women and men because the exposed skin on the face, chest and hands suffers greatly from the damaging effects of our harsh sun- not to mention the many chemicals and environmental pollutants in our lives today. With time these changes progressively worsen and eventually become impossible to manage or disguise with over the counter non-active cosmetic skin care lines.

Active skin care is not a “quick fix” for many years of environmental damage however it is a very effective and safe way of improving and maintaining your skin which will help delay the need for more invasive skin treatments or medical care. Our programs are designed to gently speed up the skin regeneration process, from the deeper layers out, using advanced products and non-invasive treatments. A combination of enzymes, growth factors, anti-oxidants and natural fruit acids exfoliate, nourish and stimulate your skin — these are the three key steps in professional skin care that are needed to create real improvements in the appearance of your skin.

Not all skin is the same so our home maintenance products have been carefully selected from an extensive range in order to provide options for the full range of skin types and conditions that we manage- whether sensitive, oily or dry. Our trained clinicians will help to select the best skin care program for you in order to maximize and maintain your Liberty Belle Skin Centre treatment results. All good skin care regimens must incorporate sun protection so it is important that you obtain appropriate advice and then wear a sunscreen every day. Naturally, it is also best to avoid or at least reduce smoking in order to improve and maintain optimal skin and general health.

The Liberty Belle Advantage

  • Professional, high quality skin care
  • Highly experienced clinicians to assess your skin’s needs
  • Scientifically proven active ingredients
Skin Assessments at Liberty Belle

At Liberty Belle Skin Centre we recommend and use only active skin care products with scientifically proven ingredients. Maintaining smooth, fresh and healthy facial skin requires careful assessment, correct product selection and ongoing education. There is not one product that suits everyone, but there is something for every problem.

Our skilled and experienced clinical specialists will assess your skin and recommend a skin care program tailored to meet the needs of your lifestyle and individual skin type. They will select active skin care products for you from – Obagi®, Aspect Dr, CosMedix and SkinMedica® – to give you a personalised product regime that is most appropriate for your skin type and condition. Plus, they will show you how to use these products to keep your skin healthy, protected, and nourished.

Skin Conditions
  • Acne and skin affected by changing hormones
  • Fine lines
  • Uneven skin tone, dullness
  • Sensitive/reactive skin

Here are some common questions our patients ask during their consultation.

What are the advantages of active skin care

Ingredients in active skin care causes changes in the skin cells to help rejuvenate and improve the condition of skin. Products that are not active are more limited in how effective they are in creating changes, and therefore, prove to be less effective in achieving genuine results.

How do I choose the right products for me?

Your clinician will assess your skin and listen to your concerns in order to devise a treatment plan that will best suit your needs. It is vital that you get expert advice when selecting active skin care products to ensure that you get value for your money and visible results.

When can I expect to see results?

When beginning to use active skin care, results can be seen as early as two weeks; however, long term use is necessary to help reverse and rejuvenate skin that has had years of abuse. Combining active skin care with injectable treatments and laser therapies will help to achieve the results you are after more rapidly, all under the guidance of your clinician.

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